2018 ACS Initiates

Convocation of initiates into Fellowship will be held on Sunday, October 21st from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. 

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston, MA

  1.    Mohammed Bawahab

  2.    Talal Almayman

  3.    Helayel Almodhaiberi

  4.    Mohammed Nassif

  5.    Bander Alaithan

  6.    Ahmed Gabr

  7.    Hammam Momani

  8.    Anas Mohammad Abdullah

  9.    Mohamed Salman

  10.    Dieter Broering

  11.    Tanvir Hussain

  12.     A. H. M. Sharfuddin Chowdhury

  13.    Feras Al Sannaa

  14.    Abdullah Al Harbi

  15.    Nasib Al Shibli

  16.    Abdou Salem

  17.    Abdelaziz Alsoudi

  18.    Amani Obeid

  19.    Khaldoon Alkhums

  20.    Khurram Waheed

  21.    Shamimuddin Siddiqui

  22.    Awad Al Juaid

  23.    Ibrahim Alsaoud

  24.    Awadalla Matar

  25.    Samir Abdel Fattah Awaad

  26.    Abdulrahman Alamri

  27.    Abdulrahman Al Balla

Convocation Ceremony Schedule

 9:00 am–4:30 pm

Initiates may pick up their Convocation gowns in Hall C of the Boston Convention & Exhibitions Center.

4:00 pm–4:30 pm

Initiates arrive in Hall C to be robed for the Convocation Ceremony. ACS staff will help you robe.

No family or guests are allowed in the robing room. Once robed, you may take photos in the four photo locations outside the Robing Room. Hang up your jacket, LEAVE YOUR NAME BADGE IN THE POCKET, and remember the coat rack number. Leave large bags and valuables at home or with family/guests. Security will remain in the Robing Room during the ceremony.

4:30 pm

5:00 pm

Doors open for family and guests who are encouraged to take a seat in the Convocation Hall (B2). No tickets are required.

Initiates begin lining up for the Convocation procession. Listen for the bells and instructions from the robing assistants!

5:30 pm

The Convocation Ceremony procession begins. The Initiates process through the Hall and are seated in the front. Please fill every seat and be seated.

Be patient with the line-up and procession process. We expect more than 900 Initiates to participate in the Ceremony. Please respect the gravitas of the Convocation Ceremony and remain quiet during the procession. Please do not stop or step out of the procession line to take photos.

6:00 pm

ENJOY THE CEREMONY! The Initiate class will be inducted as Fellows of the College as a group.

8:00 pm

Return all rented Convocation gowns to the Robing Room and pick up belongings before proceeding to Reception.

Retrieve jackets and personal belongings from the Robing Room. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK TO BE SURE YOU ARE TAKING THE CORRECT JACKET!

The Reception for New Fellows will begin immediately following the Convocation Ceremony in the Ballroom on the third level of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Family and guests are invited to attend.

9:30 pm

The Reception for New Fellows concludes. Shuttle bus service to local hotels will be available.

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