American College of Surgeons Fees and Dues


Revised March 28, 2019

Fees and dues must be paid in U.S. dollars. International (Excluding Canada) fees and dues are adjusted according to the World Bank income categories.

Fees and Dues
Fees and Dues
Fees and Dues

*Dues are adjusted for Fellows who satisfy any of the requirements, below:

  • Fellows who have paid dues through the year of their 70th birthday will have dues waived in the next year.

  • Fellows who are bona fide missionaries may have their dues waived while serving as missionaries.

  • U.S. Fellows may qualify for a 50 percent military dues discount if they are either (1) active duty military or (2) currently deployed as a reservist or national guard. Eligible Fellows should contact and provide a copy of their current orders and their membership status will be updated and the discount applied to their annual dues.

Additional Information

  • Regulations Pertaining to Fellowship Dues and Fees

  • Fellowship is subject to termination by the Board of Regents in October if dues are outstanding for more than one year.

  • Dues statements for Fellows are mailed in November, and dues are payable by January 31.

  • The Fellows’ discount for members between 66–70 years of age is no longer in effect.

Contact us at if you have any questions. All members may log in to pay their dues.